Health Risks That Come From An Inactive Lifestyle

For many different reasons, people tend to live sedentary and inactive lifestyles.

Maybe it is because they have some issues with depression. Maybe they don’t have the space or tools at home and they don’t feel comfortable exercising in front of other people. Or they could have a health issue that makes exercise risky or problematic.

There are many justified reasons people don’t get moving, and perhaps some not so great reasons. That doesn’t change the cold, hard truth about inactivity. The truth is that not moving your body enough is bad for you in many ways.

The following things may happen if you do not exercise your body:

  1. Your body can’t burn as many calories and you may easily gain weight
  2. Your muscles start to weaken and you lose endurance and strength. Use it or lose it they say. Next time you want to go out with your friends, make sure you can keep up.
  3. Your bones might get weaker. They may lose calcium and other important minerals
  4. Your body may struggle to break down sugars and fats in your diet. This is a sign your metabolism is being affected.
  5. You may have a lot of trouble fighting off illnesses or diseases. Your immune system doesn’t work very well when you are inactive for too long.
  6. You could develop poor or get worsening blood circulation. If you already have issues with your body parts going numb too quick or you get cold very easily, consider this. Are you moving and getting that blood pumping?
  7. You could develop hormonal issues and imbalances.
  8. Your body could have more inflammatory problems.
  9. You could become constipated and have digestive problems. The body needs to move for the bowels to move properly.
  10. Your back, arms, legs and other muscles can become uncomfortable. This is a sign that your body knows it is best for you to move and it hurts or feels off because it needs to move. You’re also more likely to pull muscles, pinch nerves, or get other related injuries.

No one wants to miss out on their life because they’ve sat around too long and now they can’t physically keep up with everyone else. Make sure your body is able to get up and do what you need it to do. Life is happening now, and you should be there.