Soothing Your Cabin Fever And The Winter Blues

If you ask most people, they may agree that a huge part of battling the winter is how we are all cooped up inside. The sunshine is gone most of the time and we start to really miss it.

Some people are cool with it and have large homes with lots of bright windows and space to do anything they wish. Other people may not be so lucky and live in a small apartment or even just one small bedroom. Some of them may not have many windows or available light.

Cabin fever starts to set in, and it is hard to break it. These things can make you miserable and contribute to mental issues in the cold months. This article includes some tips on how to make winter more enjoyable in small and dark spaces.

Read them below.

1. Light – Get a light box if you don’t have enough windows. They can be called light boxes, SAD lamps, Seasonal Affective Disorder lights, and more. This can give your body some of the same benefits as the sun while you are stuck inside. If you need to, get more than one.
2. Plan – Make plans to get out when you can. Do you know there’s a nicer winter day coming up in the forecast with sunshine and temperatures above 45? Plan on getting out and enjoying it if you aren’t already busy. Do you have a friend with a nicer home and larger indoor space? Perhaps they will work out with you or let you come enjoy a living room dance party with them. Maybe they have a ping pong table in their house you can play.
3. Programs – Join a gym, a sports team, a dance studio, a bowling league, or other good exercise program options. With the pandemic issues set aside, this is one of the best options for helping you get through cabin fever and get moving. Although it is understandable if not many people wish to go out and risk getting sick with infectious illnesses right now, considering the pandemic.
4. Organize – Move your stuff around. You may be able to make just enough room to do something enjoyable and fun. What can you put in storage? What can you put on top of or underneath something? Can you temporarily move something into another room? Get creative and see what you can do.
5. Sun – Open your curtains and blinds. Get as much light as you can. It may not be much, but this could make a big difference. Sunny winter days are great for the mood.

Hopefully with these tips shared here, the cold and snowy season won’t drive you nearly as crazy as usual. When times get tough, the tough ones get creative. Let’s keep our sights on spring.